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When your relationship is suffering (or you don't have one) your whole life is stressed.
I am including a number of different swipes.
I have swipes below for single men, women, those who want their ex back and of course for men and women who want to improve their relationship.
Subject: Why dinner & movie dates suck!
Subject: Date ideas that wowed Oprah
The #1 date in the U.S. (and probably many other
places in the world) is dinner and a movie. No
wonder our divorce/break-up rate is so high.
Simply put, that is just about the worst date possible!
Think about it, for 2 hours you are letting a screen
entertain you and you have zero communication
with each other. On top of that the magic of movie
making creates some very unrealistic scenarios. It
sets you up to see your real life as "boring".
While a movie might spark some decent discussion,
there are far better date ideas that will bring up far
more meaningful conversation.
One of the chief problems with the dinner/movie
scenario is the regularity of it. Even with lovemaking,
if you do the exact same thing every time -- it
becomes a bit BLAH!
If you spice up your dating (1st date or 1000th date)
your relationship will be fresh, exciting and full of fun.
==> Michael Webb's famous date ideas

Not too long ago I came across Michael Webb. He
was invited by Oprah to be on her show a few years back
because he is one of the world's top experts on helping
couples create and keep romance in their relationships.
A great date idea that I borrowed from Michael was to
have a date making homemade ice cream from scratch.
We found a good recipe and went shopping for the
ingredients. We also bought some fun toppings - candy
bars we could chop up and fresh fruit. We went home
and had great conversation while we were making it
and eating it. We both agreed it was FAR BETTER than
a movie/dinner (and so much cheaper).
Michael has compiled over 300 really creative date ideas
(most costing $20 or less).
You can get them from his website here:
==> 300 Creative Date Ideas

P.S. If you find yourself in a busy season of life, try Michael's
"Date by Appointment" idea. Brilliant!
==> See why Oprah was in awe of Michael's creativity

This email swipe is great for "single guys" list to help them get a date with a girl
SUBJECT: Great date ideas that girls find hard to resist
SUBJECT: Get any girl to go out with you with these great date ideas
If you find yourself not getting dates with the girls
you ask out, it might have NOTHING to do with
you and EVERYTHING to do with what you are
It is pretty easy for a girl to turn down "want to
catch a movie and dinner with me this weekend"
while one of the following might be a lot or enticing
or intriguing
* I was thinking of making some homemade ice cream
on Saturday at my place. What are your favorite
flavors? What mix-ins do you like?
* Looks like it we will have great weather this weekend. I
was thinking of going canoeing at the lake and having a
picnic on the island. What sort of picnic foods do you like?
These are just 2 of the hundreds of creative date ideas
you can use to get a "YES" to your next invitation.
If you ask a girl out for dinner/movie you will approach her
like 99% of the guys out there.
==>> Over 300 creative date ideas right here
If you want to STAY in a relationship then you have
to keep things fresh. Don't get stuck in the dating rut.
Otherwise she'll soon be longing for a guy with more
spunk and creativity.
Michael Webb has been featured on Oprah
(and over 500 other TV and radio shows) for
his brilliant ideas on keeping relationships fun.
I highly recommend that you check out his collection
of 300 creative date ideas on his website. I also love
the fact that most of the ideas cost in the $20 range or
less. You don't have to drop $100s to impress a
girl. Creativity wins out every time.
==>> Get the date ideas here

P.S. I told one of my guy friends about these date
ideas and he tried it out and said that a girl who had
twice rejected him accepted his date -- and they had
so much fun she scheduled the next one!
==>> These ideas will change your life
This swipe is good for lists of men/women who have struggles in their relationship
SUBJECT: #1 way to revive your relationship overnight
SUBJECT: These 3 tips will improve your relationship 452%
Couples who express dissatisfaction in their relationship
usually cite these problems:
* lack of good communication
* stress
* feel stuck in a rut
* money problems
* intimacy issues
The easiest way to fix all of these problems is with
frequent (yet, inexpensive) date nights.
1. Set a frequency that works for your relationship.
Ideally it would be once a week but maybe it has to
be once a month. Whatever it is, get it on the calendar.
2. Switch up the dates. Resist the temptation to do the
same thing over and over (like dinner out). New places,
events and settings will spark new communication and
keep the excitement level high.
==> Check out these 300 creative date ideas
3. Keep the cost down if money is a stress point in your
relationship. Going into debt will only make your
problems worse. I love the resource that Michael Webb
put out with 100s of dates that cost $20 or less.
==> Get them here
P.S. If you are having any sort of "intimacy" issues,
creative dating often leads to sparks in the bedroom
(or even on your date).
==> Put lots of SPARK in your relationship with these dates

This swipe is designed specifically for the "ex back" crowd
SUBJECT: The best date ideas when you want to reunite with your love
SUBJECT: Ask your ex out on for this date - and they will say yes 82% of the time
Over 90% of couples break up because of one of these
5 reasons (usually a combination).
* lack of good communication
* stress
* feel stuck in a rut
* money problems
* intimacy issues
If you want your ex back (for good) then you need to
resolve the issues that drove a wedge between you in
the first place.
One of the quickest and easiest ways of addressing
ALL 5 of those problems above is with fun date nights.
==> Over 300 date night ideas here
I didn't say boring date nights (that is most likely what
you have been doing).
Regular CREATIVE dates (NOT dinner and a movie) is what
the happiest couples on the planet practice.
Think about it, a really good date will infuse your
relationship with fun, laughter, and excitement.
It will relieve a lot of stress.
It will most likely spark some really great conversations
AND give you things to talk about in the future
("remember when we went on that great date to...")
And yes, a creative date has the ability to get those
romantic and passionate juices flowing which
often concludes with a night of hot intimacy.
The problem for most couples is that don't have a clue
on how to plan a creative date. They simply get
stuck in a rut and their relationship suffers greatly.
One resource I have recommended to many, many
friends is Michael Webb's (yes, that expert you may
have seen on Oprah or some other talk show) 300
Creative Date Ideas.
You can check it out at his website here:
Instead of asking your ex "want to get together this weekend"
or "want to come over to talk", invite them on a creative date.
Here is just 1 example out of 300 Michael has on his
"Want to go to the pick your own fruit farm and then
make a pie or some fresh ice cream with it"?
I am sure you can come up with creative date ideas if
you really worked hard at it but why do that when you
can have over 300 right at your fingertips.
==> Get your date ideas here
The really clever and creative ideas will probably
spark some great ideas of your own.
P.S. You won't find lots of limo, hot air balloon, back
stage rock concert ideas. Instead, most of the tips
are gratefully in the $20 or less range.
==> Best creative date ideas ever

Here is a swipe if you have a list of women (single or in a relationship)
SUBJECT: Date ideas for women to use on men
SUBJECT: Creative dates women should plan for men
If you are wanting your man (or just a man) to regularly
sweep you off your feet with a creative, romantic outing
then here is a good tip.
Plan one first.
Try this idea. Invite a guy on a Brownie Sundae date.
Meet up and do the shopping together for making the
brownies and ice cream from scratch.
Put on some fun music while you whip up a batch of
brownies together and figure out how to make ice cream
(borrow an ice cream maker if you have to).
You'll have fun making it and eating it. Most likely
you'll have laughs, some mistakes and a great story to
The date will be fun. It will be memorable. It will
put a little spark in your relationship.
And it will inspire future creative dates by him.
Plan enough regular "creative" dates and you will
build a routine. And in time, he'll want to take charge
and WOW you. In fact, you can maybe switch off
planning the dates.
You can even set parameters such as cost and
dress codes. Maybe "no movies" or other dates
that tend to be very routine and ordinary.
==> Huge collection of creative date ideas
When I look at all my friends and relatives who have
really great relationships I can see that regular,
creative dates are important to them.
One of the challenges of course is coming up with
enough variety in your dates to keep them
That is why I absolutely LOVE Michael Webb's
300 Creative Date Ideas. You might know Michael
from his appearances on Oprah and many other
shows. He's got to be one of the most romantic
and creative guys on the planet.
==> Check out Michael's 300 Creative Date Ideas
If you want fun, creativity and romance in your life,
sometimes you have to make the first move!
P.S. In case you were thinking a guy would find you
too "forward" by asking him on a date, that is 1960s
thinking. Men are FLATTERED when they are
asked out.
==>> Ask any guy out for one of these creative dates

SUBJECT: What men REALLY want from women -- it's not what you are thinking
SUBJECT: This will make a man beg you to be with him
Do you know what men want on a date?
What he REALLY, REALLY wants?
If you give them this, they are going to
want you even more.
They will call you and text you and badger
you to do it again.
Men want.....
* Excitement
* Intrigue
* Adventure
* Suspense
* Anticipation
If your definition of a "date" is simply going
out to dinner and/or a movie then you are
not giving men what they truly seek.
Men go ga-ga for a woman with a little *mystery*.
The next time you want to excite a man
simply take him out on a "mystery date". Make
sure it is a little out of the ordinary.
If you need to, tell him some of the details
but leave out a few elements to surprise him.
Maybe you have 2 tickets to a great concert.
Just don't tell him that you packed a special
picnic in the trunk or that you arranged a
back stage tour.
My good friend Michael Webb is a master of
romance and creative dates (he's been on Oprah
and over 500 other TV and radio shows).
He has created an amazing collection of
creative date ideas for practically any couple.
Best of all, these date ideas are for almost any
budget (and far cheaper than a dinner and movie).
Check out his creative date website here:
Men are ABSOLUTELY flattered when you
take the initiative and plan the date. So don't
hesitate to plan a great date and entice that
special man.
If you succeed in making your date unusual
and fun you can be certain he will be begging
you to do it again.
To love,
P.S. Currently, Michael is offering some bonuses
on his website that are really great. I don't know
how long they will be on there.

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